Dear Members of the MSA Community,

We are looking for assistance with the MSA STEAM Olympics on Saturday, March 2nd from 10:00 am-2:00 pm. 



Coaches for MSA Science Olympics teams in elementary and middle school. Since Mrs. Burgess and Mrs. Rego are organizing the events they would like to have different coaches for the MSA teams. At the meetings you could provide some guidance and supervision with the project. N0 science background required!

Some lunch time meetings or after schools prior March 2nd.

Judging (NO science background required!)

March 2nd 9:30 am-12 noon

March 2nd 12 noon-2 pm

Help with the Judges' lunch.


March 2nd 11:15 am-1:1:00 pm

Event Assistants: helping the teacher supervisors with the 4 events. NO science background required!


March 2nd 9-11:30 am

March 2nd-    12-2:00 pm

Please contact Mrs. White if you can assist - we would very much appreciate any time you can offer!

On behalf of the Science Olympics Committee (Mrs. Rego, Mrs. Burgess, Mrs. Gibson, Mrs. Mahraoui, Mr. Sutherland and Mrs. White)

pdf STEAM Olympics 2019 Invite (979 KB)