MSA is a Catholic school, the only one in Bermuda that provides world-class education through Catholic values.  These values are instilled in everything we do, from Eucharistic celebrations to daily classroom prayer.  We work to have our students live a faith-filled life and to treat each other according to the teachings of the Gospel.

Our school is part of the Catholic Diocese of Bermuda and serves as a very visible part of the work of the Catholic Church in our country.  All students, Catholic and non-Catholic alike must respect and show courtesy for the work of the Diocese through the ministry of the School.  This respect manifests itself in many ways including but not limited to:

  • Full participation of all students in the prayer and the spiritual life of the school
  • Respect and good behavior during school liturgies
  • Respect for the Blessed Sacrament during liturgies with regards to Catholics receiving Holy Communion
  • Full participation in Religion classes
  • Participation in service opportunities to the Church, school and community whenever possible.
  • Respect for all religions by teachers and fellow students and an encouragement for all students to practice their faith and religion so that all our students may grow to be spiritual adults

ST. AGNES - Courageous Teenager (Patron Saint of MSA)

Long ago there was a beautiful thirteen-year-old girl named Agnes, who was put on trial for being a Christian.  At the trial, the judge described the comfortable life she would have if she gave up her faith and married.  Agnes said no.   The judge threatened her with torture.  Agnes still said no.  So the judge had her taken to the altar of the goddess Minerva to offer a gift. Agnes made the Sign of the Cross instead. The judge condemned her to death. It was said that she went to her death more cheerfully than others go to their wedding. Agnes knew she would be going straight to God.