Extra-Curricular Activities & Clubs

Please note that the following information may change throughout the school year, so please check with our Faculty & Staff if you have any questions. 


Club/Activity Teacher Time Day Location Level Timeline
Badminton Club Ms. Bove/Ms. Laing After School TBA Gym MS April
Bells & Boomwackers Ms. Sontag 3:00-3:30 Tues Music Rm. gr.3-8 Sept-May
Builders' Club

Mrs. C. Camara / Mrs. Pimentel

After School Mon Kindergarten K/gr.1 Jan-Mar
Canadian University Tour Mrs. White Lunch Varies Science Lab  HS Sept/Oct /Mar-June
Concert Choir Ms. Sontag 3:30-4:30 Mon Music Rm. gr. 6-12 Sept-May
Cooking Club Mrs. Camara /     Mrs. Resendes After School Mon Kitchen (1st Floor) gr. 4-5 Jan-Mar
Debate Club Dr. Gibson Lunch/After School Thurs 11A MS Sept-Apr
Debate Club Mrs. Rhind After School Mon Learning Support gr. 5 Jan-Mar
Drama Club - MS Mrs. Moulder     /Mrs. Palmer 3:30-4:30 Thurs Gr. 3/6A MS Sept-Jan
Duke of Edinburgh Mrs. White          /Mr. Sutherland Lunch Thurs /Fri Science Lab HS Sept-June
Eco Club Mrs. Rego           /Mrs. C. Camara Lunch 1st Tues  Elem Sci Lab gr.1-5 Oct-June
Face Painting/Art Club Ms. Capelo          /Mrs. Burgess 3:45 -5:00 Tues Art Room HS Sept-June
Fitness Club Mr. Tannock 3:45 -4:15 Tues /Thurs TBA gr. 10-12 Oct-June
French Café Mrs. K. Exell Lunch Fri 7B MS / HS Oct-June
Homework Club Mrs. Resendes   /Mrs. Macahdo 3:00-4:00 Mon /Wed Gr. 2/5 gr. 3-5 Oct-June
Junior Choir Ms. Sontag 3:00-3:50 Thurs Music Rm. gr. 3-5 Sept-May
Learn to Run Club Ms. MacNeil 3:30-4:30 Mon/Wed Outside MS/HS Oct-Dec  (8 wks)
Let's Get Crafty Ms. Almeida 3:15-4:00 Mon Gr. 4  gr. 3-5 Jan-May
Math Enrichment & Extra Help Mr. Brownlee       /Ms. McKay 3:30 - 4:30 Mon/Wed (full yr.) 8B/10B ALL Sept-June
MSA Salute Ms. Lyons TA Period Tues  Meeting Rm A MS/HS Sept-May
National Honors Society Ms. Cimino Lunch 3 x month 9B gr. 10-12 Sept-May
Peer Mentoring - Youth Net  Mrs. Wicks Lunch Wed 12B gr. 6/12 Oct-June
Peer Mentors - Girls'  Mrs. Wicks Lunch Fri   gr. 10 Sept-June
Portugese Language & Culture Mrs. Machado    /Mrs. Amaro After School TBA TBA gr. 3 & up Jan-June
Reading Club Mrs. Allen 3:15-4:00 Thurs Mrs. Allen's gr. 2-5 Nov-June
Saxophone/Clarinet Quartet Ms. Sontag TA Period Tues Woodmont gr. 8/9 Sept-May
Science Olympics Mrs. White/        Mrs. Rego /Dr. Gibson/Mrs. Burgess After School March 18,2017 MSA gr. 4-9 Jan-Mar
Science/Math Help Mrs. Burgess After School Tues 7A MS Sept-June
Sewing Club Mrs. Moench       /Ms. Mckay 3:30-4:30 Thurs Meeting Rm A MS/HS Oct-June
Student Council - HS Mr. Tannock Lunch Tues 12 B HS Sept-June
Student Council - MS Mrs. Stevens     /Mrs. Burgess 11:20-12:00 1st/3rd Tues Comp. Lab MS Sept-June
Tennis Club Ms. Bove/Ms. Laing After School TBA Tennis Stadium MS Nov
Threads (Crochet, etc.) Mrs. Wicks        /Mrs. Macahdo 3:30-4:30 Mon 12A MS/HS Oct-June
Yearbook Club Mrs. Stevens 11:44-12:25 Mon Comp. Lab HS Sept-June