Board of Governors


The affairs of Mount Saint Agnes Academy are managed and conducted by a Board of Governors consisting of not less than ten persons and not more than fourteen persons. Any person, except an employee or auditor of the School, being an adult of sound mind and ordinarily resident in Bermuda, shall be eligible for appointment, election or selection as a member of the Board.

Board Members

Chairman Mr. William C.  DeSilva  evenpar[at] 
Vice-Chairman Mr. R. Paul Fortuna  pfortuna[at] 
Treasurer Mr. Greg W.  Rymon-Lipinski  soniagreg[at] 
Secretary  Mrs. Colleen B.  Sinclair  colleensinclair[at] 
  Mr. Joe L.M.  Amaral  jzamaral[at]
  Dr. Matthew P.  Arnold  arnolds[at] 
  Mrs. Michelle  Cardwell  michelle.cardwell[at]
  Mr. Carlos Ferreira  carlosf[at] 
  Ms. Janice E.  Gutteridge  jgutteridge[at]
  Mrs. Marcy A.  King  marcyj[at] 
  Mrs. Cornelia  Rawlins  dcrawlins[at] 
  Bishop Wesley Spiewak, C.R.   Bishop.Wesley[at] 
  Mrs. Marisa A.J.  Stones  marisa.stones[at] 
  Fr. Paul S.  Voisin  pvoisin[at] 

Board Committees include 

  1. Executive
  2. Academic
  3. Admissions
  4. Communications
  5. Development
  6. Enrollment
  7. Facilities
  8. Finance
  9. Foundation
  10. Scholarships & Bursaries
  11. Technology